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Aeronautical industry

Solutions for Aeronautical industry

Handling of aircraft components is one of the most demanding applications for lifting equipment. Based on the experience of our partners in the field, we offer complete solutions for safe and reliable transport for accurate positioning of sensitive aircraft components. In maintenance operations, we help minimize interruption times because the aircraft is in the air.

Fields of application:

Aircraft construction:

In the flow of the technological process in the aeronautical industry, cranes and overhead cranes have a major role in the transportation of components within the factory. The equipment we offer can be used to assemble individual sections, but also to transport complete aircraft fuselages.

For very heavy parts, self-propelled transport carriages are suitable. For bulky and very long components, we recommend GD Dolly. Components can be transported directly from a factory building space into a neighboring production area, even crossing the outside yard if needed. Rotary beams are useful for rotating heavy, large pieces.

Mini pick-and-carry cranes are especially useful – they can work at high heights and can move them in the hook. They can carry the load from one factory location to another production area.

Overhead cranes with built-in intelligent control system ensure the positioning of the components with millimeter precision. These overhead cranes can be interconnected.

Aircraft Maintenance:

For aircraft maintenance operations, we can offer special scaffolding systems with telescopic platforms. For these applications, suspended overhead cranes are the first choice because the width of the airsheds can be of 70 meters or more, and you can use as many suspended overhead cranes as you need. And because these cranes can be interconnected, maintenance platforms can be transferred from one part of the building to another.

We also recommend vacuum lifting devices.

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