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Info line

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Lifting equipments – a matter of trust!

GD Mașini

We at GD MAŞINI de Ridicat SRL know that each client is different, with different needs, with different problems. That’s precisely why we think about our offerings to meet the specific needs of your application. The solution proposed by us is certainly the correct lifting solution for every need for lifting in part.

We rely on strong partners, the German manufacturers of lifting equipment components Stahl Crane Systems GmbH and SWF Krantechnik GmbH, two of the most important European players on the industrial lift market. Their products incorporate the most significant innovations developed in the field. We use state-of-the-art technological solutions with fully tested components to ensure reliability and safety.

The basic features of our equipment are reliability, safety, ease and precision in use, combined with low maintenance costs. Their use will ensure efficiency and profitability in your companies.

Lifting equipments – a matter of trust!

mașini de ridicat
Company presentation

The company GD MAȘINI de Ridicat SRL is a Romanian company with private capital, founded in 2005 and is a member of a group of companies specialized in lifting and handling techniques.


Our equipment is suitable for various industries.

Service & Support

Your equipment can offer the same level of performance as before!


Companies represented by us on the Romanian market.

Product categories

Overhead cranes for lifting and transporting materials in interior (eg halls, workshops, warehouses) or exterior (eg warehouses).

Portal cranes, roller portal cranes, swing cranes, process cranes, complete flexibility so that the user can lift and position loads in maximum safety.

Chain hoists, wire rope hoist, special hoists, professional lifting equipment.

Explosion risks may be present in all enterprises using flammable substances.

Special lifting and handling equipment, vacuum lifters, lifting trolleys, hydraulic tables, elevators, grapples, lifting trolleys.

Components for cranes, crane Kits, spare parts, suspended control boxes and radio remote controls, power supplies.

Devices and equipment for goods lifting.