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Automotive industry

Solutions for Automotive industry

We have been a reliable partner for the automotive industry for several years. We offer solutions for material handling and internal logistics throughout the entire technological process. We have as partners very strong companies, producing equipment dedicated to this field. Their high quality products and experience are the guarantee of your success. Manufacturers of renowned motor vehicle components and their suppliers already use products delivered by GD Masini Ltd. for various lifting and transport applications in the manufacture and assembly of their products in Romania.

Fields of application:

Stamping plants:

We offer overhead cranes or process cranes designed for specific applications in cold pressing sections for handling molds for plastics injection in the automotive industry. They are an integral part of our customers’ complex manufacturing processes. They store and deliver at the right time molds weighing up to 50 tons on the production line. To replace the molds in hard-to-reach areas we recommend pick & carry mini cranes, they can carry the load in the hook.

Vehicle assembly:

The solutions offered are those in the range of workstation cranes. The first choice for many pre-assembly and assembly applications in the automotive sector are the workstation light crane systems, which is why we recommend pivoting cranes. They can be made out of steel, aluminum or carbon. The lightweight bridge system is ideal to support complex handling systems – for example in serial production lines. These gripping equipments have been specially developed for applications in the automotive industry. Vacuum lift devices can be particularly useful. In some situations, moveable gantry cranes are more economical alternatives to pivoting. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended monorail.

Supplier Sector:

A variety of overhead crane sizes and hoists are waiting for you to help if you have loads that need to be lifted and transported in the factory. Workstations can also be equipped with swing cranes equipped with chain hoists.

We’re introducing our high capacity hydraulic tables to unload trucks. For the transport of goods between floors, a reliable solution is the use of high-capacity freight elevators. They are economically more advantageous than classical cargo lifts.

Small and medium-sized workshops need space-saving ergonomic solutions – such as workstation light cranes. They can be used to move loads without any restrictions. Sometimes it can be enough for the moveable gentry cranes or the commonplace folding workshop cranes.

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