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Construction of heavy machinery

Solutions for Construction of heavy machinery

Since the beginning of our existence, we are a trusted partner offering customized solutions for handling tasks. Our range of cranes and overhead cranes covers almost all areas of mechanical processing – from lifting equipment for workstations to logistics solutions for the entire production process.

Our products are easy to use and require low maintenance costs. They are characterized by reliability, precision, robustness, manufactured according to the highest technical standards, which allows us to ensure the continuity of our customers’ processes without interruption caused by defects, contributing to increased productivity.

Fields of application:

Mechanical processing:

We provide ergonomic solutions for the machining jobs to ensure easy and accurate handling of the workpieces. We ensure the internal transport from the raw materials warehouse to servicing the machineries to the finished product warehouse, loading operations, our overhead cranes and swing cranes provide optimum handling of the load.

They can be equipped with vacuum lifters or magnets. In some situations, roller portal cranes are more economical alternatives to pivoting. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended monorail.

Small and medium-sized workshops require space-saving ergonomic solutions – such as workshop light cranes. They can be used to move loads without any restrictions. Sometimes, moveable gentry cranes or folding workshop cranes suffice.

Construction of heavy machinery:

We provide the necessary equipment at all stages of the heavy machinery production process, we offer integrated logistics solutions for heavy-duty machine applications. Workstation cranes support the operator from the processing machines and during the various stages of the assembly process. The overhead cranes serve the workplaces with the assembled parts. Above can be overhead cranes carrying heavy or bulky parts. They can be equipped with lifting beams or special magnets for this type of load.

Rotary beams are useful for rotating heavy, large-sized pieces of molds, for example.

Unusual manipulation:

The crane intelligence technology we offer is suitable for handling valuable equipment and facilities. It allows the overhead crane to sometimes move faster, another time to go at the speed of the snail and stop at a certain point. They incorporate electronic monitoring and control tools that allow them to be used to handle tasks in safer and more productive conditions and to optimize costs.
For very heavy parts, self-propelled carriages are suitable. For bulky and very long components, we recommend GD Dollys. Components can be transported directly from a factory building space into a neighboring production area, even crossing the outside yard if needed.

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