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Shipyards, boat harbors of agreement

Solutions for Shipyards,
boat harbors of agreement

Applications where cranes are needed in the shipbuilding industry are particularly different. From launching pleasure boats to assembly of components weighing dozens of tons.

Fields of application:

Cranes and overhead cranes can be used at different stages of ship assembly operations, they provide the necessary lifting capacity throughout the entire production process. Ensures precise positioning of large and very heavy loads when body sections are built. Other applications are those that serve the areas that interconnect the individual stages in the assembly. We ensure the transport of construction segments in a safe and reliable manner.

For very heavy parts, self-propelled transport carriages are suitable. For bulky and very long components, we recommend GD Dolly conveyors. Components can be transported directly from a factory building space into a neighboring production area, even crossing the outside yard if needed.
Load turning devices are useful for rotating heavy, large pieces.

Supply sector:
Our solutions are suited to handling smaller parts up to the transport of larger units such as diesel engines that can even weigh even more. In some situations, roller portal cranes are more economical alternatives to pivoting.

We’re introducing our scissor lifting tables for heavy loads with the purpose of unloading trucks. For the transport of goods between floors, a reliable solution is the use of high-capacity freight elevators. They are economically more advantageous than classical cargo lifts.

Small workshops:
Ships are not necessarily large. There are small workshops that build boats and yachts, which also need lifting solutions. Using swing cranes, classic or lightweight cranes, boats and their components can be positioned as desired. We offer solutions to maximize the very small workshops to save and give as much space as possible. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended mono.

Ports for pleasure boats:
Recreational craft manufacturers and sailing clubs around the world use different types of lifting equipment for storing and re-launching various boats and yachts at the beginning and end of the season. The most suitable are overhead cranes which have treads over the water or swing cranes having the arm length sufficiently large. In both situations the expensive boats will be handled with gentleness and precision.

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