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Food industry

Solutions for Food industry

Foods are transported over long distances from where they are harvested to where they are turned into food that will reach shelves in stores. We help you along this road to make the steps as easy as possible.

Fields of application:

Agricultural production:
Our equipment ensures the transport of big-bag stuffed with raw materials. We have special hoists for that. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended mono.

Industrial food processing:
The shape of the cranes ensures space saving for their integration into the production facility. Mini cranes can be very useful. Spreaders are used to handle containers of raw and auxiliary materials. They can be equipped with vacuum gripping devices to raise and empty the raw materials in the mixer. We also offer lifting equipment for use in “clean room” environments or weighing scales and crane scales.

We’re introducing our scissor lifting tables for heavy loads with the purpose of unloading trucks. For the transport of goods between floors, a reliable solution is the use of high-capacity freight elevators. They are economically more advantageous than classical cargo lifts.

Beverage industry:
We always deliver the right configuration of workstation light cranes, we offer complete solutions for industry-specific units. You can use Protema trolleys to transport, lift and position the rolls with labels.

Pallet truck scales

Vacuum lifters

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