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Companies represented by us:

SWF Krantechnik GmbH

SWF Krantechnik GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of components for industrial cranes and hoists. Their products incorporate the most significant innovations developed in the field. It uses state-of-the-art technological solutions with fully tested components to ensure reliability and safety. 

SWF Krantechnik GmbH was established in 1921 and is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, with subsidiaries in Singapore and Shanghai. Their portfolio includes wire and chain hoists, crane components, electronic monitoring and control systems, lightweight bridge systems. These products offer highly flexible solutions that companies in all industries use to meet a wide range of complex requirements.

SWF Krantechnik GmbH primarily addresses independent crane manufacturers. Their philosophy is the following – a powerful builder of local cranes can be closer to the end user, it can better support it as a multinational company. A local builder knows better the particular needs of the local market, it can be more flexible and helpful. More than 550 partners of this type from over 68 countries around the world rely on SWF Krantechnik GmbH’s high-quality cranes, hoists and engineering expertise.

Stahl Crane Systems GmbH

Established in 1876 by Rafael Stahl in Stuttgart, Stahl Crane Systems GmbH is one of the most important lifting and crane components manufacturers in the world and is the world leader in ATEX explosion-protected crane technology. Their product portfolio is comprehensive and unique on the global market. Their products have set high standards in terms of innovation, technology and quality, they can be considered as premium quality products.

STAHL CraneSystems occupies a strong position on the international market due to its experience in the field of solutions and engineering. If a standard product does not meet customer requirements, STAHL engineers will develop an appropriate solution.

GD Gép és Daru KFT

GD Gép és Daru KFT in Hungary is part of the same group of companies as our company. In the early nineties, immediately after the political changes in Hungary, GD Gép és Daru KFT was founded by engineers with few funds, but with great enthusiasm and experience. The past of the founders, their professional skills have indicated the direction that the company follows today and will follow in the future.

It can be said that the design and production of special equipment, the development of special technical solutions is the subject of their main activity. In the last decades, they have succeeded in realizing this concept and have succeeded in developing a company capable of delivering complete services and positioning itself on the European market.
Our main products are high-capacity portal cranes, automated process cranes, hydraulic platform with fenced lifting zone for goods and other special lifting systems.

VETTER Krantechnik GmbH

VETTER Krantechnik GmbH has been established since 1889. Nowadays, the Haiger factory produces pivoting cranes and PROFI crane systems using state-of-the-art robot manufacturing technology and an experienced team of skilled employees. Automated workflows and well-planned internal logistics guarantee a high processing rate and a high production volume.

At the same time, VETTER continues the tradition of producing special cranes for special applications, providing swing cranes for the most demanding requirements, for example in the oil and gas industry, including explosion-proof versions (ATEX) on demand. Their products are sold worldwide and meet international standards.

Tawi AB

Tawi has an old history with a long experience in the field. The company was registered in 1923 as LLC. Originally it was a Swedish steel company. 

TAWI is today a market leader in the field of light goods lifting and can provide complete solutions for all industries. It has branches in the United States, Great Britain, Holland, Germany and Denmark. It has distributors in about 50 countries. It continues to develop ergonomic lifting solutions that can help improve working conditions, increase efficiency and reduce costs for users around the world.

Binar is an industrial group, which includes niche companies that have developed unique products and technologies for professional customers. One of the main areas is the special industrial solutions. One of these companies is Binar Quick-Lift AB, a world leader in handling equipment dedicated to the automotive industry. The high number of injuries due to the incorrect posture of the operators and the unnecessary lift maneuvers they make are a far too expensive problem in the industry. 

Binar Quick-Lift AB offers solutions that make it easy and safe to perform these operations. The control handle developed by Binar Quick-Lift AB incorporates the expertise needed to combine efficiency and ergonomics. It completes well with eepos GmbH, Germany. There should not be one without the other.


VACU-LIFT Transportsysteme GmbH

VACU-LIFT company movie:

The first vacuum lifting equipment was delivered to a skeptical customer, but then very satisfied at the beginning of 1967. 

Today, the VACU-LIFT brand means over 20 patents and inventions and over 26,000 equipment sold. It means German creative engineering, innovative solutions and world leader in vacuum transport systems.

eepos GmbH

German company eepos GmbH, is a young company founded in 2006, but with an amazing climb due to the modular lightweight modular bridges it produces. 

They are made of aluminum or carbon profiles, specially dedicated to the automotive industry. The modular system allows you to solve a wide range of material flow and load handling problems. Fill well with Binar Quick-Lift AB. There should not be one without the other.

JMG Cranes srl

The Italian manufacturer fully designs the pick & carry cranes made by them, choosing the best components in the market using the most modern production processes.

 Unlike the usual cranes, which serve only to the area where they arrive with the arm, the pick & carry cranes can move with the load in the hook. There is no need for a means of transport. JMG pick & carry cranes are compact, high-performance, reliable, easy-to-use, long-lasting and low operating costs.


In France, in the heart of Burgundy, COMEGE is a family business, it was founded in 1984. Since 1992 the product range includes portal cranes, slewing jib cranes and lifting beams.

To respond to each order as quickly as possible, we can deliver the most demanding products from stock. At present, 75% of the production is catalog produced, and 25% is customized.


Stemm Equipos Industriales.S.L.

Stemm Equipos Industriales, S.L. manufactures all parts for its grabs, from forging and machining to assembly and manufacture of hydraulic equipment. 

STEMM continuously develops and designs new products, equipment and components dedicated to handling bulk products and waste. STEMM grabs always offer optimal, cost-effective solutions for all problems.


Conductix-Wampfler is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of efficient power and data transmission systems for all types of mobile equipment and equipment. 

Since 1902, the focus has been on the continuous development of innovative power and data transmission solutions for industrial customers around the world. Conductix-Wampfler is present in over 50 countries around the world, through its own sales subsidiaries and partners.

Gutman Romania

 Gutman Romania: handles, lifting accessories and ties, market leader in Romania.

Power Team

Power Team company movie:

The Power Team is a member of the SPX FLOW Inc. brand, offering a wide range of high-capacity hydraulic equipment for traction, lifting and other applications suitable for the construction industry, mining, power generation, shipbuilding, road construction and bridges and other industries.

Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, the Power Team is marketed in over 155 countries and has regional sales and production offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Shanghai and Suzhou, China and Singapore.

Maeda Cranes

Maeda Corporation established its first car factory in 1962 in Nagano for the manufacture and rental of construction equipment, industrial machinery and steel products. 

The Maeda mini cranes developed and manufactured in Japan have now become a product used worldwide.

Dini Argeo Italia

Dini Argeo company movie:

Dini Argeo boasts over 100 years of experience in the field of industrial weighing and automation. The company offers cutting-edge technology that guarantees the highest levels of precision, respecting international standards. 

It is a company specializing in the production of mechanical, electronic and IT weighing systems. It offers solutions in the mechatronics field, from mobile weighing systems to commercial and industrial scales. They have embedded a wide range of components, electronic solutions and software, for industrial automation and system integration.


Giovenzana was established in 1952. 

The company sells in 75 countries and develops components with different applications according to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and taking into account the environment in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015. 

The Giovenzana products are used in areas where security is the key. This means European and international standards, certified products and brand awareness.


HEINRICH DE FRIES GmbH, based in Düsseldorf, founded in 1904, specializes in material lifting and handling equipment. 

They are particularly proud of the continuous quality of their products, obtained through the use of state-of-the-art technology, manufactured in Germany. Their products are characterized by reliability and longevity (5 years warranty), which has raised the HADEF brand to a world-wide reputation.

HAACON Hebetechnik gmbh

The history of HAACON Hebetechnik gmbh began in 1872 when two brothers Josef and Ludwig Haamann set up a mechanical workshop for the production of wooden winches in Freudenberg am Main. 

It is an engineering company with significant experience in various niche sectors of lifting, mechanical and electromechanical techniques.


Zallys is a manufacturer of electric vehicles in Italy for various industries, including logistics, construction, retail and supermarkets, but also airports, hospitals and more. The company has been operating on the international market for more than 25 years.

Thanks to decades of experience in the design and manufacture of professional electric vehicles, Zallys has become a leading company in its sector, able to offer logistics solutions to meet the needs in the activities of handling materials for wheel loads or transport of goods and personnel. .