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Energy Industry and Environmental Technology

Solutions for Energy Industry and
Environmental Technology

We are a trusted partner of the private and public sector of electricity generation in our country, our equipments serve the production, operation and maintenance of electricity generating installations in several micro-hydropower plants.

Fields of application:

Manufacture of electricity generating installations:
The crane intelligence technology we offer is suitable for handling valuable equipment and facilities. They can be used in the manufacture of gas and steam turbines in which the sensitive components of the machine must be positioned to the nearest millimeter. Load turning devices are useful for rotating heavy, large pieces.

Installations for the production of electric and thermal energy:
Our cranes can be used in sectors of the electricity and heat generation industry with fossil or alternative fuels. We offer solutions for turbine maintenance work.

Production of renewable energy:
Our products target four major renewable energy sectors: solar, wind, hydropower and biomass, bringing our contribution to the green energy generation process.

Wind installations:
When maintenance work must be carried out on wind turbines, spare parts and tools must be lifted outwards to a height of 100 meters or more. For this application, we recommend our chain hoists, specially designed to meet the needs of the wind energy industry. They ensure fast and trouble-free service, minimizing the time required to transport the materials. They help ensure that downtimes are reduced to a minimum, increasing the efficiency of these installations.

Waste recycling facilities:
This type of installation helps to reduce the amount of waste going up and contributes to the generation of electricity. Crane bridges equipped with a grab bar are designed to meet handling requirements in this sector. We can offer from full-scale tower to fully automated crane systems controlled by computer. We provide personalized solutions.

Small and medium-sized workshops require space-saving ergonomic solutions – such as lightweight bridges. They can be used to move loads without any restrictions. Sometimes moveable gandry cranes or the commonplace folding workshop cranes suffice.

Environmental technology:
In water treatment plants, the Davit manual swing cranes are especially popular, especially designed for their use, and fully manual crane bridges.
For the manual lifting of sluice-gates, our proposal is the rack winch developed specifically for this application. It is the ideal solution for smaller sluice-gates.

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