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Railways, Metro, Tram depot

Solutions for Railways,
Metro, Tram depot

Rolling stock plants and depots can be based on our products.

Fields of application:

Rolling stock production:
Safety, reliability and precision are fundamental requirements for the manufacture and assembly of rolling stock. Cranes and GD MASINI overhead cranes meet these needs by easily and reliably transporting the parts and precisely positioning even the largest assemblies.

We’re introducing our scissor lifting tables for heavy loads with the purpose of unloading trucks. For the transport of goods between floors, a reliable solution is the use of high-capacity freight elevators. They are economically more advantageous than classical cargo lifts.

Self-propelled trucks have the purpose of transporting large and very heavy metal structures inside the factory from one workstation to another under a crane under another crane.

Maintenance of rolling stock:
Lifting and transport of rolling stock is essential in this sector. Our cranes and components help railway operators to meet their productivity goals.

We provide pick & carry mini-cranes that lift and carry complete rolling stock objects for maintenance in maximum safety and precision. We provide equipment for individual workstations to meet ergonomic requirements.

GD Dolly trucks are developed for the internal transport of very long and heavy goods, they can operate internally or externally, including on a field that is not perfectly straight, such as an old factory yard.

ESS transports allow the lifting of railway wagon boxes on the treadmill, their placement on supporting chairs until the bogies are removed, after which the box will be lifted again and can be transported to another location / room in order to be repaired and painted.

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