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Lifting magnets


The magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This gives it the particular property of an attraction force on a ferromagnetic material.

permanent magnet is that solid body which, beyond its geometrical limit, exhibits a permanent magnetic field without any energy input from its exterior, after having previously been subjected to magnetization with a magnetic field applied from its outside.

Permanent lifting magnets are used for the lifting and handling of flat or circular ferromagnetic materials (sheets, pipes, etc.). They are used in warehouses of metallurgical materials, in production workshops, in the steel industry, in the plastics industry when changing molds from injection molds.

Advantages permanent magnets:

The industry’s leading technology are electro-permanent magnets providing increased performance, flexibility and full safety. They grip, transport and disengage cargo very lightly, always operating above the cargo, without compressing it and without deforming it. This solution combines the power of the classic electromagnet with the permanent magnet autonomy. The dual reversible permanent magnet operation principle uses the power supply only for cycles of a few seconds, namely in the magnetizing and demagnetizing phase.

It is the ideal solution for steel companies, for steel distributors, for mechanical workshops, for construction works, for shipyards.

Advantages electro-permanent magnets:

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